Seika Kage Ryu Kempo Jiu Jitsu brings all the pieces together with the power of kempo’s close quarter striking and kicking skills combined with the highly effective grappling and submissions techniques of jiu jitsu. The Kempo Jiu Jitsu program comprises the largest component of the Seika Ryu Martial Arts system. This program is designed to provide basic to advanced martial arts and self-defense training. Training includes aspects of physical, mental, and character development. It offers the serious martial arts student the opportunity to develop a tremendous sense of self-confidence, improved mental sharpness, and build a powerful body through rigorous training.

At all Seika Ryu schools the principals of mutual respect, safety and cooperation are taught, practiced, and integrated into the curriculum. Each student is unique and the instruction will be accommodated to bring out the best of each individual. The curriculum is level based, layered, and integrated. Material learned at one level will be important to effective performance of the material at the next level. Simple at the beginning, the system becomes evermore complex and powerful. This provides a challenge with achievable goals and rewards for all levels of students. Black uniforms (gi) and belts (obi) are worn. Belt ranks are awarded upon successful demonstration of competency of material required at each belt level.

Physical activity during classes consist of cardio and calesthenic conditioning, practice of defense techniques, grappling and submission skills, kata /forms, sparring, and free practice (randori). The level of intensity and physical demand increases gradually as the student gains greater ability and conditioning. The resulting enhanced physical abilities coupled with the sharpened mental focus give the Seika Ryu students tremendous
power for a dynamic life.

All classes begin and end with a short meditation to help let go of the normal day-to-day complexities and to encourage focused attention during training. This allows the student to gain a sense of balance in their lives, provides for a period (however short) of mental and spiritual “safe-harbor,” and to mentally solidify their training. It effectively integrates the concepts of avoiding violence and conflict resolution by building an ability to calm one self in the face of physical confrontation. By practicing martial arts from both the physical AND mental aspect, the students strengthen their understanding of themselves as well as their martial arts performance.

We encourage you to stop by and check the program out. From our very friendly atmosphere, exciting classes, excellent instructors, and an incredible martial art, Seika Ryu martial Arts and the Kempo Jiu Jitsu program is a do-not-miss life opportunity.